Massican Gemina 1.5L

Gemina is a unique white wine blend, combining grapes that you would not normally see presented together. Greco, the descendant of the ancient Roman grape Aminea Gemina, is traditionally grown in Italy’s southern region while Pinot Grigio is traditionally grown in the north of Italy. These two varieties rarely meet in a blend in the “old country”. Here in California, our Greco is grown in Sonoma County and our Pinot Grigio in Napa Valley, making the meeting of these two varietals even more unique. A true combination of opposing forces, this California blend balances our winery's familial history in the south of Italy with our winemaking influences of Italy's northern regions.

  • Vintage: 2017
    Format: 12 x 750ml
    Availability: in stock
    Country: USA
    Region: California
    Varietal(s): Pinot Grigio, Greco

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