Puro Rofe Blanco

Puro Rofe is a collaboration among local, like-minded grape growers Rafael (Chicho) Mota, Ascension Robayna, and Pedro Umpiérrez. They tend vineyards surrounding Los Volcanes in La Geria, Tinajo, Masdache, and Testeyna, and all practice organic farming. Puro Rofe is based in La Geria at Chicho Mota’s small, museum-like bodega, which preserves many traditional winemaking tools on Lanzarote – lagars, basket presses, and concrete vats which are now supplemented with clay amphorae as well.

Malvasía Vulcanica and Diego are the most prized white varieties at Puro Rofe and their Vino Blanco comes from a blend of these two varieties from various sites (along with about 5% Listán Blanco), exposures and microclimates. All the vines are around 100 years old (if not older) and are rooted in the deep, black, volcanic sands that are a hallmark of the island of Lanzarote. Malvasia provides the aromatics and depth of mineral flavors while the Diego provides the freshness and acidity.

  • Vintage: 2022
    Format: 750ml
    Minimum Order: 6 bottles
    Country: Spain
    Region: Lanzarote, Canary Islands
    Varietal(s): Malvasia Vulcanica, Diego, Listan Blanco

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