Sandhi Sandford & Benedict Chardonnay

Sandhi Sanford & Benedict Chardonnay is a remarkable wine that showcases the essence of Santa Rita Hills. Crafted with precision, this Chardonnay offers a harmonious balance of flavors. You'll experience vibrant notes of citrus and green apple, complemented by a subtle hint of oak that adds depth to the wine's profile. Its crisp acidity and elegant minerality make it a perfect match for a variety of dishes, enhancing the dining experience at your fine dining restaurant. This wine exemplifies the expertise of Sandhi and their commitment to producing high-quality, terroir-driven wines that capture the character of the region.

  • Vintage: 2021
    Format: 12 x 750ml
    Availability: in stock
    Country: USA
    Region: Central Coast, CA
    Varietal(s): Chardonnay

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