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 Image via Gianni Brunelli

You’ve taken your Mom to Niagara-on-the-lake, you’ve drank wine on the beach in the County with your friends; but now you’ve got some cash to spend on a serious wine-centric getaway and we are here to help.  The team at Brix + Mortar Wine Co. has put together your guide to planning an epic September wine tour in Tuscany; thought by many to be the epitome of perfect wine country. This is a seriously appealing escape, so if you aren’t ready to pack your bags then you should stop reading now.



There are two main airports in Tuscany: Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei and Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci. Travelling from Toronto, your best bet is to fly into Florence and rent a car from there.  You can take the train into wine country, but let’s be honest - who doesn’t want to zip around that gorgeous countryside in your own private vehicle?

You can fly direct from Toronto to Florence during September.  Round-trip with Air France in Business Class for about $7000, or Economy for $1400; Air France pours complimentary champagne in all classes so this is an obvious choice.  Rental car rates range from a weekly rate of $200+ CAD for a compact car to $1300+ CAD for a luxury SUV. If you’re feeling flush you can always rent a Ferrari 458 Italia for $17,000+ CAD (you are in Italy after all).


Montalcino, a town that has hardly changed its appearance since the 1600’s, is set within a circle of fortified stone walls and overlooked by a medieval castle. The stunning backdrop to this town includes rolling hills, ancient oak trees, olive groves, and iconic Brunello wines.

Situated in the South area of Montalcino in the valley of the river Orca is Talenti winery, established by Pierliugi Talenti in 1981. The winery is located near the beautiful medieval monastery of Sant'Antimo, built in the 12th century. The Talenti family will plan and lead you through tours and wine tastings personally; you can contact them at  If you skip this visit, you can always buy the Talenti Brunello di Montalcino Riserva directly from Brix + Mortar Wine co.

Image via Talenti 

Sleeping in Tuscany after all that wine requires a lux crash pad. Why wouldn’t you park your Ferrari outside a castle or a villa, like the ones listed on Those who know, don’t Airbnb. Treat yo self.

 Image via Luxury Retreats

Your next stop is Ciacci Piccolomini, one of the oldest estates in Montalcino. Run by Brother-and-sister team Paolo and Lucia Bianchini, the Brunello Estate was gifted by Countess Elda Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona in 1985.  Book a tour with them directly at, and make sure you stop for a glass of wine on the terrace of the recently restored Tuscan country house opposite the cellar.

Buy the Brunello di Montalcino here.

 Image via Ciacci Piccolomini

A visit to Montalcino is not complete without Gianni Brunelli. Sadly, Gianni passed in 2008 but his wife Laura has since ruled the roost and guided the estate to even greater heights.  Tasting the wine here is just the beginning. Visit Tubo, their underground cellar and bar where Jazz nights and art exhibitions are frequently hosted, and book a private cooking class with a resident chef at Osteria le Logge (cost of 450 Euros for 2 people).  The two hour long culinary class is set inside the the panoramic garden which overlooks the Vineyards and Estate.

If you manage to chum up with the Brunelli’s, you may even get a chance to stay in their guest house, Podernovone, between lush gardens, vineyards, and olive groves.

Buy the Gianni Brunelli Rosso di Montalcino here.

Image via Osteria le Logge


Our final recommended stop on the tour is Gagliole, located in Chianti. Gagliole produces some incredible “Super Tuscan” wines (the IGT Toscana Rosso available here) and is set in a backdrop of rolling hills and sky-reaching cypress trees.  Once you’ve tasted the wines, book a luxury apartment at La Valetta and sip some wine poolside to round out your vacation.  

Image via Gagliole

After all that wine, food and whatever else you’ve been up to; drag yourself back to that Netjets you reluctantly ordered after a week of balling out and make your way home. We can’t bring your cash back, but we can help you spend the new stuff. Call us.

Benjamin Hodson
Benjamin Hodson


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