In the world of multi-generational Tuscan wineries, Caprili is actually quite young, founded by Alfo Bartolommei in just 1965.

The Bartolommei family settled in the Municipality of Montalcino at the beginning of the last century. The family originated from Podere Marzolo in the Municipality of Cinigiano (Province of Grosseto). In 1911, the family moved to Podere Poggi, a tenant farm on the Villa Santa Restituta estate working the land by sharecropping (a typical form of Tuscan farm management). In the years that followed, the family moved several times from one country home to another on the Villa Santa Restituta estate until they finally arrived at the Caprili farm home in 1952.

The family took over Caprili with all their livestock and continued to work the land by sharecropping. In 1965, the Bartolommei family decided to buy the property from the Castelli-Martinozzi family, owners of Villa Santa Restituta estate. In the same year, 1965, they planted the first vineyard, still called “Madre” to this day, where the clones for the new vineyards planted on the estate are selected. The first bottle of Brunello di Montalcino is from the 1978 harvest and was put on the market in 1983.  

Over the course of the years, the winery has continually made great investments in its own viticulture by concentrating on obtaining high quality grapes. Many projects have been carried out in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Siena while some are still ongoing. The main objective of the research on the estate is identifying the most valuable Sangiovese clones from the oldest vineyard, Vigna Madre. The research aims to extract the DNA from the Sangiovese clones which will then have to reproduce planting material for future Caprili vineyards capable of exalting the typicity and characteristics of Sangiovese grosso.

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