Domaine Marc Morey is a family operation begun in Chassagne-Montrachet by Fernand Morey in 1919. Marc Morey was the son of Fernand, who began to work at the domaine in 1944. Today the domaine exploits about 9 hectares, almost exclusively in the commune of Chassagne-Montrachet – this 9 hectares includes a little aligoté and 1 hectare of pinot noir. Sabine Mollard is the family member responsible today.

The particularity of this domaine is that they, in effect, have the monopoly of the Chassagne 1er Cru En Virondot. This is the highest altitude of the Chassagne 1ers, almost in the woods above the town. After phylloxera some parts hadn’t been replanted, so Sabine’s father, Bernard Mollard, bought up the remaining parcels and replanted them. I say a monopoly ‘in effect’ because the domaine owns only 2 of the 2.1 hectares of the climat. There is a small parcel, right in the middle of the climat with another owner who doesn’t want to sell – and he’s been asked 100s of times! BUT this domaine does all the work and bottles all the wine, buying the grapes from the 0.1 hectare part, so you won’t find another label. “It’s a wine that needs longer aging than the others” says Sabine.