Rene Rostaing is one of the great producers of Syrah.  Rene has been a grape grower since 1971, starting with two tiny parcels of Cote Blonde and La Landonne.  However, with the retirement of two uncles in the 1990s, Rene was able to increase his land holdings significantly, and allowed him to focus on making wines full-time.  

Always thinking to the future, Rene purchased a small, but great vineyard in the Coteaux du Languedoc in the early 2000s, with a focus to make incredible wines, based on Syrah (and if anyone knows Syrah, it's Rostaing).  His wines quickly became known as some of the top in the entire Languedoc region, and his focus continued to be finesse and elegance (like his wines in Cote-Rotie.  

Puech Noble makes three red wines; his top cuvée, simply called Puech Noble, is almost entirely Syrah, with small parts of Grenache and Mourvedre, and shows beautiful dark fruit, earth, spice and a garrigue note which is the only giveaway that you aren't drinking Northern Rhone Syrah. He also makes a second wine from his domaine vineyard called Vassal de Puech Noble, bright and energetic, with a serious side.  And his newest cuvee is a 100% Carignan from old vines which have been recently purchased.  It's a stunning example of how good this grape varietal can be in the Languedoc.

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