The Liger-Belair name is one of the oldest and well-known in Nuits-st-Georges, and all of Burgundy.  They started in the wine industry as negotiants and land owners (they were the owners of the famed Grand Cru La Tache until 1929, when they sold it to Domaine de la Romanee-Conti).  The family has always been part of the history of Nuits-st-Georges, some generations even acting as Mayor of the village.  Thibault Liger-Belair is now the 8th or 9th generation of the family and started his own domaine in 2002.

Thibault has a strong focus of what he wants to achieve in the vineyard and with his wines.  His viticulture is entirely organic and biodynamic and his yields are extremely low.  Thibault believes most of the work with his wines is done in the vineyard and his efforts certainly show in the wines. Each of his cuvées has a separate character and Thibault believes in letting the grapes speak for themselves.  Nothing special is done to enhance their upbringing - they are grown the way nature intended.  His down-to-earth philosophy in the vineyard and cellar ensures that the wines receive necessary attention, but are not mishandled, and the proof is in the bottle.  Thibault's wines are pure, bright, focused and elegant, with a quiet power. 

Thibault's domaine in Moulin-a-Vent started in 2007 when he found a group of beautiful old-vine Gamay under the famous windmill of the region.  He chose to turn the whole domaine biodynamic, and use burgundian winemaking techniques (open top ferments, not closed carbonic fermentation). He now has 4 different single-vineyard wines and one blend, simply called Vieilles Vignes because the vines are between 80 and 100 years old. At these prices, they're incredible values.