Stolpman Mixed Case

The Stolpman Vineyards Mixed case is an amazing way to understand the wines of Ballard Canyon, in the heart of California's Central Coast. We've pulled three amazing wines for this case (2 bottles of each), see below for our notes:

Combe Trousseau Pet'nat 2019: this sparkling wine has a fine, tingly mousse; tiny bubbles that linger up the glass. The wine’s pale straw colour and Champagne-like head make it hard to believe these grapes were picked from the same vines as the Trousseau Red.  While totally unique to the New World, this bubbly deliciously fits the bill for any occasion demanding a sparkling wine.

Syrah So Hot Right Now 2018: Stolpman's Syrah So Hot Right Now has a piercing raspberry and sliced strawberry notes combined with popping spice and pepper.  The only clear identifier of the whole grape, non-extractive fermentation lies in the high-toned mouth-feel and even at that, I think the mid palate and finish will continue to fill out within the coming months and the next few years. The wine rides high and slices through the roof of the mouth rather than slowing down to fill and coat. (93 points, Wine Advocate)

Own Rooted Field Blend 2018: Today Stolpman Vineyards stands proud with 13 acres of tightly spaced, head-pruned, revolutionary vineyard blocks. These blocks, entirely farmed by hand, singularly represent Peter and Jessica Stolpman’s fanatical pursuit of unprecedented quality. The 2018 Own-Rooted Field-Blend is the first taste of the revolution:  Perhaps the purist reflection of the vineyard: completely hands off, uncrushed grapes fermented whole, without any additives or sulfur.  The goal here is to make a wine that reflects only their terroir and the mix of grapes they've planted here. (92 points, Wine Advocate)

  • Vintage: multiple
    Format: 6 x 750ml
    Availability: in stock
    Country: California
    Region: Central Coast
    Varietal(s): Multiple

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