Terroir al Limit Terra de Cuques Blanc

This rich, textured blend of Grenache Blanc (50%) and Pedro Ximenez (50 %) is only the second white wine to grace the Terroir al Limit family. The clay soils of El Molar, an ancient mining village at the southern end of Priorat, offer an ideal haven for 25-year old Pedro Ximenez (PX) vines that yield fruit of unparalleled finesse from these north-facing vineyards. The power of the skin-contact PX is softened with the cool floral beauty of Muscat d’Alexandria from the llicorella slate hills of nearby Porrera.

  • Vintage: 2021
    Format: 6 x 750ml
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    Country: Spain
    Region: Priorat
    Varietal(s): Grenache Blanc/Pedro Ximenez

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