Gagliole is a tiny gem that captures all of the beauty of Tuscany. The cypress-lined road and the villa evoke the peace and quiet of another era and a sense of history that stirs the soul. 

The estate vineyard are filled with ancient terraces, which embody the memory of landscapes stubbornly preserved by man’s expert labour. At Gagliole, they strive to maintain the balance between man and nature, with significant parcels of land dedicated to mixed agriculture (their olive oil is unbelievable).  They also farm their entire property organically. 

Hand harvesting and rigorous selection in the vineyard ensures that they do not need to further manipulate the wines in the winery, and for many years this domaine has been one of the true secrets of Tuscany.  Making almost exclusively IGT Toscana wines (Super-Tuscan if you prefer), the wines of Gagliole show the elegance and balance of the appellation, not just brute force.  These are some of the most beautiful wines of the region, and the top IGT Toscana in our portfolio.