Pittacum Bierzo

Just Pittacum is one of the great wineries of the Bierzo region, established in 1999. Forty hectares of old vineyards distributed into two hundred parcels on the hillsides of the mountain belt that makes up the Bierzo wine growing region are the source that nourishes Pittacum. Fifteen years studying the properties of a large quantity of soils have been necessary to get to know they territory in depth and select those soils that are eminently suited for wine growing. Soils that are usually on a slope, deep, well drained, and moderate fertility that imbue the vines with a contained vigor and promote correct grape ripening.

  • Vintage: 2016
    Format: 12 x 750ml
    Availability: In stock
    Country: Spain
    Region: Bierzo
    Varietal(s): Mencia

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